Fresh-Roasted Gourmet Coffee Using 100% Arabica Beans

Keep your customers and employees happy with coffee and tea from St. Ives Coffee Roasters, Inc. in Gainesville, Georgia. We roast a variety of gourmet coffee using 100% Arabica beans.

Packing and Shipping
Our packaging comes in four-ply aluminum lining and one-way flow valve bag to keep oxygen out and your coffee fresh for months. We ship whole bean. However, we will gladly grind your coffee at no extra charge. Please indicate your preference when ordering.

Estate Coffee
Like fine European wines, coffee is also grown on estates, which may be a small collective or a single plantation of considerable size. Our growers are well known for their commitment to excellence and quality.

Regional Gourmet Coffee
Coffee beans grown in a particular region of a country are called a regional. Different varieties of beans are often included in the name, such as Longberry or Peaberry.

Coffee Blends
We take great pride in offering our own unique blends and specialty roasts to all our customers. We always take the highest quality Arabica beans and take great care to ensure each roast is perfect every time.

Flavored Coffee
Choose from a wonderful selection of delicious flavors available. We use only single Arabica beans for each flavored coffee. Each 1 lb. bag of coffee contains whole beans.

Decaf Coffee
All coffees are Arabica beans roasted to perfection. These are also decaffeinated using the European process.

Gift Boxes
Make an impression by sending our gift boxes packed full with an assortment of top-quality coffees and teas to your loved one. These biodegradable white-colored boxes are strong and reusable for gift giving or for storage containers. Rest assured that there would be no filler material included.

Contact us today in Gainesville, Georgia, to order our premium-quality gourmet coffee.

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