About St. Ives Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Achieve optimum relaxation for your mind and body with revitalizing teas from St. Ives Coffee Roasters, Inc. in Gainesville, Georgia. We offer premium iced teas, as well as organic teas from Harney & Sons™.

St. Ives Coffee Roasters, Inc. has been a premium tea and coffee company in Gainesville, Georgia, for more than 20 years. We started as a small coffee house in Northeast Georgia. We roasted our own coffee using a Diedrich™ roaster that is capable of roasting 25 lbs. of coffee in 20 minutes. Our coffee was so good, that even other coffee shops began ordering their roasted coffee from us. This began the wholesale side of our company.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The growth of our wholesale accounts provided the need to move those accounts into a new building with a new roaster. We got a new Diedrich roaster that is capable of roasting around 400 lbs. of coffee in 15 to 20 minutes. While the efficiency and magnitude of the new roaster has increased ten-fold, our focus has always been on the quality and consistency of the roast, as the quality of our coffee will never be compromised.

The Flavor Story

The paper filtered coffee versus unfiltered coffee is a battle unto its own. For many of us, we have grown up with the notion that one puts their coffee in a filter-lined basket. However, there are a few of us that swear by using a French press or some other mechanical means to brew their coffee.

Filtered Coffee

For filter paper fans, the number one pro is convenience. The paper filter is biodegradable and can be removed easily from the machine. The paper filter also removes a majority of the excess acids and oils that are associated with coffee. The con of a paper filter is that it can be too efficient in removing the extras. So much so, that some purists say that there is no coffee taste left.

Unfiltered Coffee

For unfiltered coffee fans, the number one pro is taste. The full flavor of the coffee flows freely and one can taste the very essence of the characteristics of that coffee with every sip. The con, and it's a big one, it is a major clean up job with each application.

What is a great cup of coffee?

A great cup of coffee is one that pleases you. There are many different coffees in the world, and each has subtle nuances that make them unique. St. Ives Coffee Roasters, Inc. offers a wide variety of coffees for this reason. We want to deliver a perfect coffee to our customers. To do so, we roast every order separately and on demand. This guarantees that the coffee that we send out is the freshest available. This also enables us to roast to the specification of the customer. Some people prefer their coffee to be a bit darker, and some like their coffee to be a bit lighter than our normal roasts. We welcome these differences because it shows that the customer has found what makes that perfect cup for them.

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